subsidence claim

Insurance subsidence claim

How to make an insurance claim should your home suffer from subsidence

Disasters to your home can sometimes be unexpected. Subsidence can be one of these and can badly affect the value of your home and cost a lot of money to put right.
Therefore a subsidence claim can be very complex to handle by yourself. This is where ‘I Am Claims” steps in and help you. We can prepare the insurance claim and negotiate with your insurer and their loss adjuster on your behalf. Your insurer may not wish to compensate you fully or look for loopholes in the policy, we are highly experienced in these scenarios and will help you fight your corner.

Subsidence Claim Services from I am Claims

Our team of qualified loss assessors tackle the home insurance claim on your behalf. We look at every detail relating to the damage caused and the terms of the policy. We then put forward the evidence and arguments to your insurer to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

How we help with a subsidence claim

With a subsidence claim you will normally require a full survey to assess the extent of the damage. We appoint professional structural engineers to carry out the survey and then appoint approved building contractors to carry out the repairs. If the correct level of action is not implemented quickly then more damages can occur.
We also…

  • Find temporary housing for your family should it be required whilst repairs ensue. You may receive emergency finance at this time.
  • Bring in experts to assess the damage.
  • Compile all paper-work, ensuring you receive the full entitlement.
  • Negotiate with the insurer and adjuster, completing the settlement on your behalf.
  • Advise trusted contractors that restore your property to its former glory.

Remember to call us first to secure the best deal for your home. We would like to join you to all meetings with the loss adjuster and insurance company.

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