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Theft insurance claim – Residential theft

Theft can be a frightening experience. You’ll be expecting your insurance company to guarantee repairs and replacements. However, this may not always be the case!! You insurer infact employs a loss adjustor who’s aim is to minimise the amount of your claim. This can obviously put enormous stress on you and your family. Your insurer will almost certainly search for any factor that puts you the policyholder at a disadvantage. Even announcing your vacation over social media is enough to undermine your claim.

This is where ‘I Am Claims” steps in. Our team of dedicated and professional loss assessors negotiate the theft insurance claim with the insurer on your behalf. Now you can focus on re-structuring your life whilst we work hard to ensure you receive the correct information and financial payment from your insurer.

What we do for a theft insurance claim

Our team of qualified loss assessors tackle the theft insurance claim on your behalf. We debate hard to secure the correct information and compensation is supplied. Now you can re-gain control of your life.

At ‘I Am Claims’ we specialise in house insurance claims and are committed to protect your full claim. We send an assessor to compile all losses and damages to your home. We confirm your house is accounted for and properly re-instated. We ensure your claim isn’t adjusted and is fully paid for. If these procedures aren’t followed, it may leave you with missing belongings or temporary breakages.

We also…

  • Organise efforts to secure your property.
  • Negotiate the claim with your insurance.
  • work our loss assessors with your insurer and loss adjusters, ensuring the settlement you deserve is rewarded.
  • Make your insurer accept liability as soon as possible. This means your repayments begin immediately.
  • we incorporate the ‘costs of inconvenience’ after theft into your claim.

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