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Loss Assessor vs Loss Adjuster

Typically, a lot of people are unsure as to the roles of a Loss Assessor (insurance claims consultant) and that of a Loss Adjustor. Have you ever wondered what their roles are? what are their riles with an insurance claim? The following article will attempt to explain the main differences and why it’s important to understand their roles and who they are working for in an insurance claim.

An Insurance Claims Consultant works for you, the policy holder. An Insurance Claims Consultant acts solely on your behalf and present the claim to the insurers or appointed Loss Adjuster.

Unlike a Loss Adjuster, who will NOT help you prepare your claim, an insurance claim consultant will ensure that you receive the best possible settlement within your terms and conditions of your insurance policy and will even point out the additional and valuable benefits, which are available in each case.

Insurance claims consultantMichael is an Insurance Claims Consultant covering Burnley, Blackburn, Blackpool, Clitheroe and Preston as well as further afield. Michael and the rest of the team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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We are an insurance claims consultant firm based in Burnley, Lancashire. Our insurance claims consultant will work for the policy holder to get the full compensation you are entitled to. Get in touch with a member of the insurance claim consultant team today, we are here to help you and look after you when you need it most. If you require an insurance claims consultant, or would like to speak to someone, read out our Meet the Team page and then you can put a name to the face.

Insurance claims consultants make sure that your claim is handled efficiently and that payment for valid claims are made to the policyholder. You will be involved in making decisions on your insurance claim.

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