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Theft insurance claims – Commercial theft

A theft compromises the security of your business and all of your assets are at risk. It can be a major set back to operations and there is always a potential for a re-offence. I Am Claims works hard to grant the adequate repairs and replacements from your insurer.

A Professional Loss Assessor Service

At I Am Claims, you theft insurance claims are carefully prepared by us on your behalf. We help to relieve the headache and stress, so you’re on the right path to recovery. The identity of a careful and experienced thief could prove challenging to determine. Your loss adjuster knows this and will almost certainly set out to lower the value of your claim if the evidence is not clear. This is where ‘I Am Claims’ steps in

Our team of loss assessors tackle these tricky issues. We negotiate hard. We ensure you receive the correct level of compensation

At ‘I Am Claims’ we specialise in commercial theft insurance claims. We can take emergency measures to set you up and running as soon as possible. We also take measure to secure your property to prevent further losses. We confirm all aspects of your business are accounted for and re-instated properly. We ensure the value of your claim isn’t reduced and fairly compensated.

What we do for theft insurance claims?

We appoint a professional to assess the damage and prepare a list of losses; we ensure that all repairs are carried our properly.
We also…

  • Organise efforts to secure your property.
  • Negotiate the claim with your insurance.
  • work our loss assessors with your insurer and loss adjusters, ensuring the settlement you deserve is rewarded.
  • Make your insurer accept liability as soon as possible. This means your repayments begin immediately.
  • we incorporate the ‘increased costs of working’ after theft into your claim.

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