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Commercial Building insurance claims – Storm damage

Storms yield strong winds that can topple trees, break buildings and infrastructure. Your business and productivity may be seriously affected if a big storm blows. ‘I Am Claims’ makes sure your building insurance claims cover all losses and damage caused.

A Professional Loss Assessor Service

At ‘I Am Claims’, your building insurance claims are carefully prepared by us on your behalf. With  ‘I Am Claims’, we take a lot of the headache and stress away. As a storm can effect large numbers of businesses, your insurer may not wish to compensate everybody fully. They almost certainly will look to reduce the value of your claim. This is where ‘I Am Claims’ steps in.

Our team of loss assessors tackle any tricky issues. We negotiate hard. We ensure you receive the correct level of compensation.

At ‘I Am Claims’ we specialise in building insurance claims for businesses. We can take emergency measures to get you up and running as soon as possible or prevent further losses. We confirm all areas of your business is accounted for and is re-instated properly; we ensure your claim isn’t adjusted low but is fully compensated.

What we do for storm damage building insurance claims?

We appoint a professional to assess the damage and prepare a list of repairs; We ensure that all repairs are carried our properly.
We also…

  • Secure your Building to protect it from further damages.
  • Negotiate your claim, and all issues regarding the building, its contents and any business interruption.
  • Work with your insurer to ensure you receive your full claim.
  • make your insurance company accept liability fast, so you can start receiving payments to help maintain your cash flow.
  • We highlight items in your claims that are often overlooked by insurers.
  • Demonstrate the economic validity of ‘increased costs of working’ coverage.
  • Assess all of the full damages. Storms can damage structures and cause long-term problems. Our expert chartered surveyors carry out a thorough investigation, highlighting defects that may prove dangerous.
  • Appoint specialist surveyors who operate with your best interests. We work with them to make sure everything is accounted for.
  • Ensure that cleaning companies do a thorough job once the claim has ceased.

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