24 Jan 2019

Here for you

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Here for you

Here at I am Claims, we hope all our clients are having the very best start to the New Year.

New year, new me, new us, new business….these are words that we all here on a daily, if not hourly basis, in January.

Whichever statement applies to you, we can assure you here at I am Claims that we are here for you during 2019.

By contacting us we can take away the stress, insurance jargon and time out of your already busy life, should you find yourself, or your business, having to claim on your insurance.

We will hand hold you, should you want it, through the process of a claim including fires, floods, burst pipes and storm damage. We also deal with the claim to completion without any hassle to you.

We understand what the insurance companies want, and we know how to make sure you get your claim paid for in as quick a time as possible.  We can even help you with business’ and individuals who can help with any remedial work that maybe needed.

Therefore, if in 2019 you unfortunately have to make a claim make sure I am Claims are on your side

If you require assistance call us on 01282 452240 or visit our website to find out more about:

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02 May 2017

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