08 Feb

Are You Prepared for Frozen Pipes

Frozen PipesUK Braces Itself for Blast of Icy Weather and Frozen Pipes

The UK is set to brace itself this month for plummeting temperatures and freezing conditions.

The Met Office have said that the temperature is likely to dip by two or three degrees with most of England likely to not rise above 5C.

With experience I Am Claims Consultants know that with freezing temperatures comes frozen pipes. If frozen pipes occur to either your home or business property and lead to an escape of water this can cause massive disruption.


Are You Prepared for Frozen Pipes?

If you suspect that your pipes have become frozen and to prevent an escape of water occurring ensure that you turn off your stop tap which is normally found under the sink and begin the process of thawing out your pipes with a hair dryer or towel soaked in warm water. If the worse does happen and your pipes burst then turn off your mains water supply to stop any water entering the pipes and escaping. At this point you may need an insurance claims service to help with rehousing and replacement possessions. This is where I am Claims steps in on your behalf.

At I Am Claims Consultants our team of qualified loss assessors tackle your home or commercial insurance claim on your behalf so you can re-gain control of your life.

So if you do suffer loss damage to your property caused by a burst pipe and need to make a claim against your insurance then I am Claims can ensure that you receive the full value of your claim. Please call us on 01282 452240 or email help@www.iamclaimsconsultants.co.uk

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